hella hamburg half goes digital

Join the free event on June 28th 2020

As you know there won’t be a hella hamburg half this year… so far, so a pity. But instead of moping we want to lace our favourite pair of running shoes anyway. Everyone on their own but still connected. This is why we invented the digital hella hamburg half marathon. The date and spirit stay the same, only the parameters change. So let us celebrate running together on June 28 2020 – the original date of the hella hamburg half marathon.

The concept is simple: Decide which distance you want to go – half marathon, 10k, 5k or whatever you want – and join our running community via the link below. You got to choose a course on your own. From Hamburg to the Argentina to Australia – we want you to participate from all over the world. So please make sure others will know by using the hashtag #hellahamburghalfdigital. If you want to you can use our own app to track your race (soon to be released). Afterwards you can upload your result and see how you rank in comparison to a worldwide community which share the same love for running as you do.

Best thing about it? It’s totally free! So what are you waiting for? Join the tribe and be part of a big running community!

Off to the races

All digital features are made available for free. This includes:
  • digital bib number
  • digital starting bag
  • digital certificate
  • access and appearance to the results pages
If you want a true event experience you can add the following additional features when registering for the race (chargeable and only for participants living in a country inside the European Union).
  • Physical medal and starting bib
  • Functional event shirt: digital humanity
  • Running socks: hella hamburg half edition
To make sure your package will arrive in time for race day you should not wait too long to register.
Let’s keep on running together. More details to come…
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