We need to talk about the hella hamburg halfmarathon

Let‘s talk hella hamburg halfmarathon! Sunday, June 27th is not far away anymore and we know you want to be updated with what’s going to happen. Exactly that is our problem – we cannot tell you right now since we do not know what the rules are going to be in about 1 ½ months from now. Instead we would like to take you on a short journey and tell you what´s been done so far and how our chances are. Please follow us!

The handicap of having a big event

As we announced six months ago, our answer to the difficult pandemic situation is a multiple planning strategy. We developed different concepts to be prepared for different situations by the end of June. One of our concepts is trying to stay on our city course. Another one will change the running track to a suburban area, should the city course not be possible. And yes, we also have thought of the worst case, should none of the above be approved.

After months of trying we have to farewell running the city course. The (social) distance regulations, the temporal equalization of participants, and the avoidance of spectators along the racetrack are most likely not going to be actionable in the center of million people metropolis. As a result plan B is going to become plan A from now on. The 27. hella hamburg halfmarathon is going to take place outside of downtown – in case everything develops well.

The search for an adequate alternative running track was not easy. How do you replace a running track with 50 sightseeing spots and 40 event points? You need a lot of space (like a lot!), a good infrastructure, public means of transportation, little traffic to enable long road closures with the absence of many pedestrians to avoid spectators. And of course you should also get a nice replacement for the inner city course which fits our high standards.

Hope for Kaltehofe!

We found the pretty island Kaltehofe on the Elbe river. Close to the city, we have 60 hectares of big green idyll with an impressing flora and fauna. We are happy to announce that we found an adequate running track we are keen of presenting to you.

Leaving the city and moving to a less frequented area raises our chances for an actual race a lot. We are trying to enable variable services for you. Such as timing, changing rooms, a luggage drop off, supplies along the course and at the finish line, music and moderation and a shuttle service.

We are planning to have 2 starters per 10 seconds with strict distance regulations. To make your stay as comfortable as possible we will send everything you need (bib number, merchandise, medal ect.) directly home to you.

When can a decision be exptected?

We are confident making this race happen under the right circumstances. In this very moment our concept is being checked by the authorities. Can we expect a decision soon? Most likely not! The experience of the past 12 months shows that a final approval usually comes really late, as the authorities have to wait how the pandemic develops.

The better the pandemic develops and the lower the incidence rates are, the higher are the chances of an actual race. But we do not expect a final decision of the authorities before the begin of June.

As a result of that you are free to change your registration to the digital/virtual run. We will send you the form to change your registration next week. You will also have the option to choose your starting time frame, if you don´t want to run digital.

Until then: Stay motivated, keep training and most important, stay healthy!
Your BMS team

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