Bigger and faster… but with some distance!

Dear participants,

in less than three months the hella hamburg half will celebrate its long-awaited return on the streets of the Elbe metropolis. With already over 9,000 half marathon runners registered and counting, the anticipation is greater than ever. The party over 21.1 kilometers is on its way for a new record of participants. While the preparations for June 26th 2022 continue at full speed, we want to ensure that the event not only grows in quantity, but also in quality.

To make this possible, we will adjust the starting procedure. With the help of implementing starting blocks, we want to guarantee that the density of participants does not exceed a comfortable level at any time. Furthermore, it helps us to relieve critical areas, such as narrow sections along the course, supply points as well as the post finish line area. Ultimately, we want to achieve a better running experience without sacrificing quality features.

Please support our endeavor by gathering in the designated pre-start area according to your targeted finish time. Signs will show you the right place from which you will be guided to the start line as soon as it’s your time to hit the course.

08.30 am – skating
09.00 am – running sub 1:45 h
09.15 am – running sub 2:00 h
09.30 am – running sub 2:15 h
09.45 am – running sub 2:30 h
10.00 am – running sub 3:30 h

This results in an earlier starting time for all skaters and fast runners as well. Please keep in mind that no officials will ask nor check if you are in the right starting block. So complications with making your starting window in the right time will not exclude you from the race.

You will receive further details regarding the starting procedure and more information regarding race day approximately one week before the event. We hope this will raise your anticipation for race day.

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