Hinz&Kunzt becomes a charity partner

“Nobody knows Hamburg’s streets better.” This is the motto of Germany’s highest-circulation street magazine. The monthly Hinz&Kunzt sees itself as an advocate for homeless and socially disadvantaged people, is produced by professionals and distributed by people in precarious living situations. In this way, people with few opportunities on the labour market are given unbureaucratic employment, which both promotes interaction between people with and without a home and breaks down prejudices.

The non-profit self-help project is dependent on external support. Only a third of the costs can be covered by advertising and sales revenue. We would therefore be delighted if You would support Hamburg’s largest employment project for the homeless with a donation and thus make an important contribution to the integration of socially disadvantaged people. An estimated 2,000 people currently have no fixed abode in Hamburg and have few opportunities to change this.

Donations can be made voluntarily when registering for the 30th hella hamburg half. On behalf of Hinz&Kunzt, we would like to thank You for Your support.

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