Subject to the provisions the hella hamburg half marathon 2023 will take place without further admission restrictions.

3rd May 2022

Corona Concept during pandemic

Green – Everything as normal!

The hella hamburg half marathon will occur without any restrictions. You can be excited to experience an event as we used to have before Covid-19. As a part of that you can expect a mass start on the Reeperbahn, more than 40 event points along the race track and our expo at the Hamburg Congress Center. There will be no restrictions for spectators.

Yellow – Everyone on distance!

The hella hamburg halfmarathon will provide most of the things, that you know it for. Just more distance to other participants and a higher focus on hygienic rules, such as starting waves or wearing a face mask before start and at the finish line. Furthermore, we will add the Glacischaussee to the starting line.

There will still be event points along the race track. In case there are restrictions regarding the spectators we might reduce the number of event points to avoid/limit hotspots. Our expo at the Hamburg Congress Center will be limited to only participants.

By consideration of these limited restrictions, we will be able to offer you the most services you know hella hamburg half marathon for, like the regular race track, exact timing, changing rooms, sanitary facilities, a baggage drop off, moderation and of course our beverage supply at the finish line.

Orange – Everything is flexible!

Due to the actual Covid-19 regulations we won´t be able to experience the hella hamburg half marathon as described in yellow. As we would have to block the streets all day long, to guarantee a starting window for each participant, we will have to change the race course.

Services like the baggage drop off, sanitary facilities and the finisher supply can be offered in consideration to the actual Covid-19 regulations. There will still be event points along the race track.

With additional timing points around the event-area we will be able to track the participants movement around the area.

The orange mode requires a high level of flexibility and creativity, to be able to respond to the special regulations at that time. It’s our ambition to offer you the best possible experience at our race.

Red – Everyone by themselves but still together!

The red mode does not mean we will cancel the event. It means, that the hella hamburg halfmarathon will take place in a digital form. The date and distance remain the same. The participant can pick his favorite running course and track his run with an app. After the race you just upload your result to our website.

Additionally we will make suggestions on different running courses around Hamburg.

For a little more atmosphere we will send your bib number, medal and optional merchandise to your home (only in Europe).


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